L’etoile De Noel

Joan recorded L’etoile De Noel with Cathy Vickers-morton and Cynthia Farrell. Here is the playlist and you can either pick and choose the tracks you want or buy the whole album.

Creating “L’Etoile de Noel” has been such a joy for all three of us! I had always wanted to do a Christmas CD – not just the usual familiar Christmas songs, but the older, richer, deeper music of the Yuletide season. While planning a playlist, I realized I wanted vocals, not just harp, and my friend soprano Cathy Vickers-Morton graciously “signed on.” When we were nearly ready for the studio, I had the pleasure of performing a medieval Spanish harp piece accompanied on small drum by another friend, Cynthia Farrell. Of course I immediately realized that she had to be part of “L’Etoile de Noel.” We all hope this CD brings you as much joy as we had creating it. Joyeux Noel!!